10-Minute Digital Declutter by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport (ePUB, AZW3)

10-Minute Digital Declutter: The Simple Habit to Eliminate Technology Overload by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport
English | Non-Fiction, Self-Help | EPUB, AZW3 | 1.2 Mb

DISCOVER: How to Declutter Your Digital Life and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Online Activities
Don’t like how your digital devices have become a disorganized mess? Tired of wasting hours on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter? Or do you simply want to live a more simplified life?
All these challenges are covered in the book: 10-Minute Digital Declutter: The Simple Habit to Eliminate Technology Overload
About 10-Minute Digital Declutter
Bestselling authors S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport will show you how to systematically manage all the emails, media, documents, photos, videos, and apps that consume your daily life.
This book is written for the person who is starting to recognize the danger of digital noise, but doesn’t know how to live in this modern world without feeling overwhelmed. It’s also for those who need a system for the information they do want. Not only will you get back more time, you’ll also discover core strategies for maximizing the time you spend in the digital world.
If you have a desire to live an organized, simplified digital life – and to reclaim some of the time you spend with digital devices – then download 10-Minute Digital Declutter today.
Why You Should Check Out 10-Minute Digital Declutter

This book will be a good fit if you:
Feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on your devices
Can’t easily find the emails, documents, or websites you’re looking for
Have little time to tackle a big digital declutter and organizing project
Feel embarrassed and drained by the clutter and disorganization
Find yourself afraid to delete anything for fear you might need it one day
Feel yourself giving away too much time and energy to the virtual world
Would like to change your priorities and learn to step away from your devices more often
Get complaints from your boss, spouse, or family members about your digital clutter or disorganization, or about the time you spend online
Simply desire a more organized, minimalist lifestyle

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