A Festival of Murder by Tricia Hendricks (ePUB)

A Festival of Murder by Tricia Hendricks (A Nicholas Trilby Mystery #1)
English | Mystery | EPUB | 300 KB

What’s worse than being abducted by aliens? Not much! But being accused of murder around Christmas time is a close second…
Nicholas Trilby moved to the Colorado Rockies in search of much needed peace and quiet. Unfortunately for him, solitude made him easy pickings for a passing UFO. Now safely returned to Earth, he’s a reluctant celebrity in a quirky little tourist town that insists on naming him the Guest of Honor at its annual Alien Fest.
When a reporter from The Roswell Explorer butts heads with him and is discovered dead in the nearby lake, Nicholas knows he’s in trouble yet again. This time it’s not little green men he needs to watch out for, but a motivated detective. With the help of his odd, alien-loving neighbors, Nicholas races against time to clear his name. He runs into mysteries aplenty: who’s been digging strange patterns in the snow around his home and shop? What is the secret the town hermit claims he knows about the killer? And what if Nicholas is the killer–but simply forgot?

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