Accidental Billionaire by Emily Evans (ePUB)

Accidental Billionaire by Emily Evans
English | Romance | ePUB | 509 KB

Imagine looking at your bank balance and seeing one billion dollars. That’s what happens to eighteen-year-old Baylee this summer. And it really pisses her off.
The trouble starts with a guy. Logan. Picture the hottest eighteen-year-old billionaire in America: Prep school accent, tailored clothes, and polished loafers resting on the glass coffee table. That’s him. Logan is spoiled, has no clue about normal, and he’s hot. Stare at him while he sleeps hot.
Their first date takes them on a scavenger hunt across Las Vegas. Who’s their competition? Logan’s wealthy friends, who belong to an elite social club. Billionaires. Secret societies. A winner takes all prize. How can that not end well?
Lies, money, and bliss merge as Baylee becomes the Accidental Billionaire.

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