Alexa’s Dragon by Serena Simpson (ePUB)

Alexa’s Dragon by Serena Simpson (Dragon Mates #1)
English | 2016 | Paranormal Romance | 200 kb

Alexa is living her dream as a software marketer. Her business is flourishing, her days are full, if a bit lonely, but she’s proud of the life she’s built. Everything was going great…until a nasty virus wiped out the computer systems of the company who bought her latest tech. Trapped in a downward spiral, she’s even started hearing voices. Great. Now she’s out of a job and crazy.
After a lifetime of searching for his mate, Syn has accepted he’s doomed to unending solitude. The emptiness of his existence has grown too much to bear, and all he wants is to succumb to the lure of the forever sleep of his people. Except there’s one voice, a woman, whose dreams invade his head and tempt him with the sweetest promises.
Revived by Alexa’s company, Syn soon realizes he’s got more than one reason to live. An old evil is testing the boundaries of its prison, and this time he might not be enough to stop it. The one weapon that can win the coming battle is the one person he would do anything to protect. Alexa is more than his salvation. She alone can tip the balance of power in the war. Her hidden gifts can protect his home, spare his people. All it will cost him is the one woman he’s destined to love for eternity.

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