Alpha Male by SelfHelpStar Media (ePUB)

Alpha Male by SelfHelpStar Media
English | Personal Development & Self-Help | ePUB | 223 KB

Here are some of the core topics to be discussed in this short book:
How to build a self-image to gain confidence (Gaining the courage to do what you want and be rewarded for doing so)
The secret of being self-reliant (Becoming independent on the opinion of others and be an alpha in your own way)
Turning strengths and weaknesses into opportunities(Setting daily objectives that are aimed to conquer weaknesses or leverage strengths)
Dressing like an alpha without lying to yourself (Surprisingly simple yet effective wardrobe rules to be an alpha)
Every day grooming tips for alphas (How to appear and feel confident while being healthy at the same time)
How to nail the alpha male posture every time (Boosting your confidence while maximizing your appearance)
“Life hacks” that will make you eliminate bad habits (Replacing your bad habits with healthier, more productive activities)
The 3-step method on how to take charge (The only three things you need to remember to reap the maximum benefits of this book)
And many more!
Are you an Alpha Material?
How would you know if this book is right for you? Because it is specifically written to suit your identity whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you live, and whenever you decide to live life the way it’s meant to be – the alpha way.

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