An Early Grave by Robert McCracken (ePUB, MOBI)

An Early Grave by Robert McCracken
English | Mystery, Crime | EPUB & MOBI | 940 KB

A baby discovered six inches underground and never claimed. A sympathy card received before a tragic accident. A brutal copycat of a historical murder. And a missing person, not heard from in a decade.
All these crimes seem unconnected save for one thing: a ski trip that changed the lives of eight Oxford students forever.
But when Detective Inspector Tara Grogan begins investigating the murder of an unidentified teenage girl in Liverpool, she is unexpectedly drawn into a complex case that takes her back to her own university days at Latimer College, Oxford.
She finds herself trading her help in return for clues into the girl’s murder from the prime suspect, a man she struggles to believe to be capable of murder. The investigation sees Tara risking her job and even her life to piece together evidence scattered in time and place.
She must uncover secrets of the past before she can solve her own case, and that of her conspiracy theorist suspect before his killer strikes again… if there is even a killer at all.
‘An Early Grave’ is a gripping crime thriller in which a series of haunting crimes unfold in parallel.

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