Battle In Shadows by Claire Grimes (ePUB)

Battle In Shadows by Claire Grimes (Shadow Court Chronicles #3)
English | Paranormal Romance | EPUB | 219 Kb

Blood has been shed and lives have been ended. Everything has been leading up to this point—the end of the war between Lyssandra and her husband Maguis.
First she just needs to conquer the Unseelie Court and rally them to her cause. A monumental task with the inner court fighting and her being gone for so long.
With new powers at her call, and new allies rallying behind her, she believes that she has a chance at ending the war for good. It’s a fight that will take her back into the Fae hills and the politics of the Fae courts. Every drop of blood is worth it if it means getting her little brother back—and her life too.

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