Because the Rain by Daniel Buckman (ePUB, MOBI)

Because the Rain by Daniel Buckman
English | 224 pages | Novel | EPUB, MOBI | 0.81 Mb

Critically acclaimed author Daniel Buckman tells with noirish lyricism the story of two men–a cop and a Vietnam vet–and the Vietnamese call girl who unites them
Mike Spense has traded in his dream of becoming a writer for the hard reality of a beat cop. Donald Goetzler is a retired businessman and Vietnam vet who wants the world to remember and understand the war. These two broken men will see their dark fantasies converge through a Vietnamese prostitute, and a shattering, poetic act of retribution. Daniel Buckman’s Because the Rain is a gripping crime drama, and a stirring meditation on the home-front fallout of the Vietnam War.

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