Black Market by Mark Feenstra (ePUB, AZW3)

Black Market by Mark Feenstra (Black Records #2)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | 969 KB

Alex Black is enjoying the slower pace of life as the city’s only consulting mage. But jobs like capturing a mischievous imp hellbent on destroying an innocent couple’s home offers only momentary reprieve from the danger looming on the horizon.
Bodies have been popping up around town, and the police have no idea who’s behind it. Her partner Chase has a theory though — a theory which plunges them into a world where ritual sacrifice and magic-slinging foot soldiers are everyday tools employed by dark and mysterious business rivals. Caught in the middle of a growing war, Alex and Chase must choose who to ally themselves with, if only to prevent the greater of two evils from creating a dangerous device worth billions on the global black market.
Compulsively readable, Black Market is an immersive and suspenseful ride through a world where magic may be real, but it’s only as powerful as the one who wields it.

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