Born Savages by Cora Brent (ePUB, MOBI)

Born Savages by Cora Brent
English | October 4th 2015 | Romance | EPUB, MOBI | 1.3 Mb

"Somewhere in all our buried history lies the truth."
Once the Savages were national darlings, undisputed Hollywood royalty.
But that was a long time ago.
Now we are penniless, scattered and ruined, nothing but a cautionary tale and tabloid fodder.
We’ve been offered a chance, an opportunity to redeem ourselves. All we have to do is open the door and let the cameras in.
This show embodies everything that I’ve ever tried to escape from. It will lay us bare. Yet I can’t say no to family.
And there’s another complication.
Oscar Savage.
He’s not my blood. He’s more. He is forever intertwined with my soul.
No one knows why he disappeared years ago.
But I do.
I just don’t know why he’s back.

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