Brain Fuel by William Hardwick (ePUB)

Brain Fuel: Empower and Increase Brain Function with These Delicious Dishes by William Hardwick
English | Non-fiction, Health, Fitness & Dieting | ePUB | 134 KB

Smart People Know it’s Important to Eat Healthy
Every cell of our body needs good nutrition to stay healthy. More and more studies are being revealed about ways to protect the health of the brain. Face it, this is the main organ that tells the rest of your body what to do, right? So we need our brains to stay healthy.
Nutritional studies have revealed that the health of our body and especially our brains, need healthy fats like avocados, and omega 3’s in nuts and seeds, green foods like spinach; basically a healthy diet with ‘real food’ and less sugar. An easy way to add more brain food to your diet is with nutrient rich smoothies.
Inside you will find my all time healthy brain food smoothie favorites with nutritional information … ENJOY!!
Recipes You Will Discover Inside Blueberry Spinach Smoothie Homemade Morning Food Pumpkin Crunch Yogurt Chocolate Banana Shake And MANY more!
Would You Like to Know More?
This book contains 25 delicious smoothie recipes and more with ingredients that help support brain health. Are you ready to stay smart by eating healthy?

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