Bride For My Werewolf Boss by Abby Fox (ePUB)

Bride For My Werewolf Boss by Abby Fox
English | Romance, Paranormal | EPUB | 143 Kb

My parents held a closely guarded secret to their chest, and never let me know this… though it concerned me… When I attained puberty… I fantasized of something eerie… out of this world, beyond what anyone could comprehend… I confided this fantasy with my mother… and she chastised me… scaring the crap out of me… At 25, I have multiple affairs with a number of guys, but none has the ability to satisfy my basic instincts… what my body really wants… When I applied for an interview for the post of Personal Assistant for the wealthiest men in town, Stephen, I never imagined that I will fall for him instantly… He was the most handsome man I had ever seen… his broad shoulders, well defined jaw line… amazing height and an athletic body… made me go weak in my knees… I saw a number of women appear for the interview… some beautiful… some very hot… some showing their cleavage to attract Stephen’s attention… but he seemed to be drawn to me… What more could I ask for… With Stephen around, I had courage and we found a sinister force out to destroy me… and Stephen played my knight in shining armour, ready to protect me and fight this force…

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