Catch Me? No You Can’t! by Amit Nangia (ePUB)

Catch Me? No You Can’t! by Amit Nangia
English | Mystery/Thriller | EPUB | 219 Kb

Raja Tiwari is freshly out of jail and not for stealing hearts and killing with his looks. Audacious, handsome and dangerously charming, he is looking for a new job when he meets the suave and beautiful Silky Sinha. To add the cherry on the cake, she takes him home.
Why would a hot girl take an ex-convict, a stranger home?
Did she want something from him? Did she want him?
Wouldn’t the story be too simple that way? Enter ex-cop Thakur, unruly and wild. He has a job for Tiwari which would either make him filthy rich or land him behind bars again. His plan leads to a dramatic verdict, unforeseen consequences and a web of lies and deception.
Tiwari always has an angle to everything, but he would need something more to be a step ahead in this game – assuming his own allies don’t end up killing him before the police get the chance.
The question is: How far is he willing to go?

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