Child of Space by E. C. Tubb (ePUB)

Child of Space by E. C. Tubb
English | Science Fiction | ePUB | 238 KB

A strange object has crashed landed on the Moon…
In an underground hall, gouged out of the lunar rock, the scientists at Moonbase One have created a miniature section of Earth.
A home away from home for the scientists and workers living on the Lunar planet.
Commander Mark Regan watches carefully over his people, maintaining a good rhythm within their new ecosystem.
However, when a strange object from outer space shows up on their scans, it threatens to destroy the whole base and their hard won way of life. The object is heading towards the moon on a collision course.
Commander Regan is pushed into action. Should he take offensive action?
Persuaded by the scientists not to destroy it, he fires a missle to nudge it off course, causing it to land several miles from the base. But the question remains: what is it?
The potential ship-craft lies in a nearby crater. Its harder-than-diamond coating, strange structural composition and surrounding gossamer-like substance promise wonder – but to Commander Regan, he can’t shake the feeling of unease.
Soon, both Regan and his team of scientists make a discovery that they had never anticipated.
Soon, their very way of life on the Moon will be torn to pieces…

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  1. No viruses but some of the popups open windows that CANNOT be closed. The only to get the bleeping thing to shut up is to open up Program Manager and put a bullet in your browser’s head. A lot of folks have no idea how to do that. Even the annoying pop-under ads and the full page popover ads require one to have their fingers on the and “W” keys to abort them quickly. Sometimes I have to kill a half dozen popover/under tabs before I can get the actual download to start.

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