Colony One by E. M. Peters (ePUB)

Colony One by E. M. Peters
English | Sci-Fi/Fantasy | EPUB | 254 Kb

In the year 2145, the population of Earth has breached 20 billion people. Plagued by pollution, poverty and war, only the discovery of two habitable planets within the capabilities human space travel creates any semblance of relief. Colony missions are arranged by the confederations of Earth and the beginning of an enormous exodus begins with the launch of Colony One.
Shrouded in secrecy, the success of Colony One is a mystery even a year after its departure. With citizens of Earth demanding answers, a task force is commissioned to locate the mammoth ship and return to Earth with news of their progress. Meanwhile, unrest spreads like wildfire as more colony missions are launched despite little to no proof of success.
Disturbing truths are revealed as the colony missions journey to parts of space unknown. Crew members of the task force are tested as they begin to realize that their mission may not be as simple or as safe as they were led to believe.
At a time when the world is on the brink and secret agendas are at play, one thing is certain: failure of the colony missions leaves little hope for the inhabitants of Earth.

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