Court Wizard by Terry Mancour (ePUB, MOBI)

Court Wizard by Terry Mancour (Spellmonger: Book #8)
English | 2016 | Fantasy | 1.2 MB

When Pentandra got married and took a new job, she knew it would be tough. Ducal Court Wizard is supposed to be the cushiest of assignments for a mage, full of stipends, laboratories, and expense funds. But when you join the Orphan Duke’s expedition to reclaim, recapture, and restore his shattered realm to health, you have to expect things to be . . . less cushy. With the south in full rebellion, the goblins stirring on the northern frontier, and the summer capital being run by a corrupt baron and a gang of thugs, things could be better. But those aren’t the worst of her problems: Pentandra is learning how to live with her new husband, Arborn, while the town is driven to distraction by an incarnate Sex Goddess who is organizing all of the whores, a mopey Spellmonger, a nun addicted to gambling, a prude sent by the Queen, undead skulking through the shadows, and a mysterious blind girl shows up in her office claiming to be her new apprentice! It’s enough to drive any woman mad, but Pentandra is not just any woman . . . she’s the hope of the Alshari Wilderlands, the woman everyone knows as the Court Wizard!

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  1. the has only epub and when I open it it gives the same error that happened in the file of court wizard in mobilism (XML processing error)and there’s no mobi version… the bytewhale option just “This file is available for premium members only” me so no court wizard for me

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