Cross Kill by James Patterson (ePUB, MOBI)

Cross Kill by James Patterson (Alex Cross #23.5)
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.4 MB

James Patterson’s BookShots. Short, fast-paced, high-impact entertainment.
ALEX CROSS, I’m coming for you – even from the grave if I have to.
Along Came a Spider killer Gary Soneji has been dead for over ten years. Alex Cross watched him die. But today, Cross saw him gun down his partner. Is Soneji alive? A ghost? Or something even more sinister?
Nothing will prepare you for the wicked truth.

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  1. Awesome!!!!. Awesome!!!!!! thank you….thank you!!!!!!! 😆 😀 🙂

  2. Thank you please upload other books of BookShots please.Always Thank You.

  3. Thank y so much for making this available… Please get the rest of the Bookshots series 🙂

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