Crush by Caitlin Daire (epub)

Crush by Caitlin Daire
English | 2015 | epub | 1.6 MB

Good girls don’t kiss and tell…
And they sure as hell don’t have crushes on their stepbrothers.
My name is Mia Williams, and I guess I’m not a good girl any more.
Ever since my mother passed away when I was a kid, I’ve been trying to find my Prince Charming like she wanted me to. Unfortunately, there seem to be more frogs around than princes, and I haven’t found a real match yet. Some summer fun at a holiday resort surely couldn’t hurt, right? It’s just one kiss… until he turns out to be my new stepbrother.
I’m Bradley Eriksson. I used to be bad to the bone, but I’m a new man now… save for the tattoos.
I knew she wasn’t just a hook-up as soon as my lips touched hers. Mia is sexy as hell and as forbidden as they come. I may be on the right track again, studying pre-med and working my ass off, but Mia Williams is one temptation I’m not about to resist.

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