Dark Ages: 2020 by J.D. Dutra (ePUB)

Dark Ages: 2020 by J.D. Dutra
English | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | EPUB | 402 Kb

An ancient and occult cabal hungers for a modern Dark Age as the President of The United States is caught in a web of horror weaved by a powerful global elite. A clandestine CIA agent is torn between honor, duty and family while a struggling entrepreneur obeys the State and yet pays the ultimate price. An influential philanthropist has a dark secret that can alter the course of history, one which might lead a trio of scam artists to get more than they ever expected. As modern society crumbles and the final unleashing of a New World Order takes place, their lives will collide in a violent struggle for control, power and ultimate survival.

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  1. Thank you!!!!!! Wowwwwwwww!!!!!!

  2. This thing forces you download an executable. Which is a virus.

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