Dawn of Man by Thomas A Watson (ePUB)

Dawn of Man by Thomas A Watson (Thanos Book 1)
English | Science Fiction & Fantasy | EPUB | 381 KB

For millennia, Thanos has been the home to magical creatures. Bored, the All-Father creates a new, long lived race to see how they will influence the world. Humans quickly spread throughout Thanos, taming the wilds, building kingdoms, and learning to wield magic as a weapon. Meanwhile the Overlord rises to power in the northern territories leaving 5 kingdoms forge an alliance to keep the encroaching shadow at bay. When a triad of powerful magic-wielding brothers fall to temptation and defect from the kingdoms to serve the Overlord, evil begins to gain the upper hand. With the balance of the realm in jeopardy, a man is born, destined to save the world, or destroy it.
As a sho-ka bhari, Ahnon has dedicated his life to absorbing the knowledge he needs to become a guardian of royal blood. With the Overlord gaining strength, will Ahnon be able to keep the heir of Gratu safe and the alliance intact, or will the Overlord triumph, covering the world with darkness and the demons of lore?

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