Deadly Waters by Theodore Judson (ePUB, MOBI)

Deadly Waters by Theodore Judson
English | 2016 | Thriller | 1.2 MB

Deadly Waters is a thriller and a dark comedy about a group of middle-aged men who take their revenge upon a world that has passed them by. It is an expertly plotted thriller filled with political intrigue and destruction that will leave you wondering if good guys really exist anymore.
Erin Mondragon grew up with everything. But when he goes to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he seeks revenge on those who destroyed him.
To take vengeance against the U. S., Mondragon enlists John Taylor, along with a former soldier, an engineer whose father went bankrupt and committed suicide, and several other misfits whose lives have taken a bad turn.
Taylor Imports has been in John Taylor’s family for generations. Now his company has been taken over by a corporate raider, his wife has left him for a younger man, and his son spends his money while refusing to have anything to do with him.
When his old friend Erin strolls back into his life, John is glad to see him.
Erin talks John into getting involved in a local theatre group and learning to speak Russian.
As John stumbles through Chekhov, he has no idea that this is the first step in Erin’s masterplan for revenge.
On a fishing trip he introduces John to Colonel Michael Method, a man with a violent streak and a violent past.
Although hesitant, John gets on board with Erin’s plans to regain their wealth, and make the government pay.
Together they plan the biggest act of domestic terrorism the world has ever seen.
Erin seems to have planned everything perfectly, but no one counted on a sharp eyed waitress in a roadside diner in Arizona, or a small town sheriff, Sheriff Bob Mathers, the only competent man in the nation, would become wise to their plot.
What will become of the men who seek revenge? Will they be successful or vengeance catch up with them…?

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