Death Catch by T.R. Schumer (ePUB, MOBI)

Death Catch by T.R. Schumer (The Fearless Trilogy Book 1)
English | 2016 | Action & Adventure | 1.2 MB

Ex-Navy SEAL Alex Moss has settled comfortably into a life at sea, far removed from the wars of his past. He commands Fearless, one of the world’s premier science vessels. Along with his crew of special operations forces veterans, Moss now assists in the advancement of marine science, but the life he loves is about to be threatened in ways neither he nor his crew could ever imagine. Dr. Thomas Falcon is a highly respected and widely published shark biologist with a powerful and ancient family history he knows almost nothing about. When Falcon’s best friend and colleague, the gifted shark researcher Dr. Peter Marsh, invites him to join his scientific expedition aboard the privately funded research vessel Fearless, Falcon jumps at the chance. Once Dr. Falcon arrives on board, however, history catches up with him when he unwittingly triggers violent events that will threaten all of their lives. Death Catch is a ripping action adventure that moves like a high speed chase, a wild ride that will send your pulse racing.

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