Death in Dark Places by Drew Franzen (ePUB, MOBI)

Death in Dark Places by Drew Franzen
English | Mystery and Thriller | ePUB, MOBI | 2.2 MB

When a thirteen-year-old girl is found murdered outside an adult video store, Sheriff Ed Dojcsak expects it to be an open and shut case. After all, in a town of less than ten thousand off-season residents how many child killers could there possibly be?
But the town of Church Falls has a dark past with even darker secrets and while the possibilities are limited the list of suspects is not. Children are natural born victims, the canvas upon which big people are capable and only too willing to project their anger, frustration, humiliation and fear: and the town of Church Falls has a bleak history of humiliation and fear. While long-time residents may hope to forget a past from which no good future has come, inevitably they are fated to repeat it, like the irreversible flow from the Hudson River passing downstream and inexorably over the Church Falls dam.
Now, in order to alter the future, Ed Dojcsak will be forced to revisit and confront a dark past to which he himself feels only remotely connected. But to protect the lives of the innocent is Ed Dojcsak prepared to risk destroying the lives of the many, including his own?

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