Deep Cover Jack by Diane Capri (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

Deep Cover Jack by Diane Capri (Hunt For Jack Reacher Series)
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.2 MB

FBI Agents Otto and Gaspar pick up where Lee Child’s “Persuader” leaves off in the Hunt for Jack Reacher.
In the thrilling follow-up to the ITW Thriller Award Finalist (“Jack and Joe”), FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar will wait no longer. They head to Houston to find Susan Duffy, one of Jack Reacher’s known associates, determined to get answers. But Duffy’s left town, headed for trouble. Otto and Gaspar are right behind her, and powerful enemies with their backs against the wall will have everything to lose.

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  1. Oh very nice! The FBI is on the hunt for Jack Reacher, a man who gave 20+ years to the service of his country in the Army, most of them as a highly regarded MP With all that that branch entails in the way of investigations. A man who, despite temptations, remained true to his oath. A man who, now retired, still remains true to his oath and to his humanity. A man who doesn’t mind walking to his next destination. And the FBI is hunting him? Whatever for? Can we please have the seven books in the series? Pretty please?

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