Doctor Watson’s Casebook by Patrick Mercer (ePUB, MOBI)

Doctor Watson’s Casebook by Patrick Mercer
English | Mystery | ePUB, MOBI | 652 KB

Sherlock’s Holmes’s great friend Dr. Watson was usually happy to chronicle the cases of the master detective.
But occasionally he struck out alone.
And solved a mystery on his own.
In ‘Doctor Watson’s Casebook’, three of Patrick Mercer’s best-selling Watson novellas are collected together for the first time.

It includes..

Afghanistan. 1880.
A bloodied but unbowed young medic, Doctor Watson, must fight in a war that will test both his courage and conscience to its very limits. Despite his own wound, he will not forsake the injured soldiers who he has sworn to treat and protect.
The most difficult to save of all though is Alisha Kahn, the beautiful and enigmatic fighting queen – shot down as she led the Afghans against the British.
The terror and nobility of the events fought across blood-soaked desert sands – culminating in the Battle of Maiwand – will scar and inspire Doctor John H. Watson forever.

The British boxing champion Ezekial Shaw has been knifed to death. Yet the world’s greatest consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, seems indifferent towards the case.
Doctor Watson is intrigued, however, and starts an investigation of his own. But his line of questioning soon causes him to cross paths with a certain Colonel Moriarty. And it leads him into an affair with a possible suspect – Amelia, the sensual and seductive wife of Ezekial Shaw.
Before the case is solved, Watson will have to fight his way out of tighter corner than any he ever found himself in with Holmes…

The enigmatic army officer Captain JAC Smethwick is a veteran of the The Charge of the Light Brigade. But when he visits Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson he has more on his mind than the conflict in the Crimea.
There is a mystery surrounding the death of his former employer, Lord Cardigan. Smethwick believes that the man responsible for his death is none other than the former Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. But Watson starts to uncover an altogether more sinister and complex conspiracy…

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