False Flag by Bobby Akart (ePUB)

False Flag by Bobby Akart
English | 2016 | Thriller & Mystery | 335 KB

THE BOSTON BRAHMIN SERIES continues as America is thrust into a post-apocalyptic world. Within days of a devastating cyber attack upon America’s critical infrastructure, the economy is in shambles and society is sinking into the abyss.
Facts begin to surface. Speculation begins to run rampant. Questions are raised. The central issue is “Who is responsible for the greatest attack upon a nation in history?”
Will the resulting collapse of America distract The Loyal Nine from seeking answers? Will a new threat emerge to the nation, one which rears its ugly head from an unexpected location?
Political suspense collides with post-apocalyptic thriller fiction as FALSE FLAG, book four in The Boston Brahmin series asks the question:
Is this the result of a false flag, or is it for the greater good?

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