Filthy Gorgeous Lies by Sophie Night (ePUB)

Filthy Gorgeous Lies by Sophie Night (Filthy Gorgeous Lies #1)
English | 54 pages | Romance | EPUB | 0.36 Mb

I’m completely at his mercy, and I’ve never felt more alive…
I’ve always played by the rules. I’m the good girl, the responsible one. But when a mix up lands me in a stranger’s bed, I’m unexpectedly drawn into a world of domination, control and dark, erotic fantasies.
His name is Cole and he’s my every desire come to life–sexy and blue-eyed with a panty-melting accent that could seduce any woman.
From the first moment we met, our connection was intense and explosive. Cole pleasures me in ways I never thought possible. I crave his touch like a drug.
But he’s hiding something–a secret more twisted than I could have ever imagined. Now I have a choice¬–walk away from the only man who has ever made me feel alive or surrender to his darkest secrets.

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