Fine Blue Steele Alex P. Berg (ePUB)

Fine Blue Steele Alex P. Berg (Daggers & Steele #4)
English | Urban Fantasy | ePUB | 263 KB

A dead hobo. A trio of drunken GIs. A tale of passions gone awry.
For detectives Jake Daggers and Shay Steele, it’s an open and shut case—except for one pesky problem: the evidence. There’s not enough of it, and it’s going missing—all thanks to an intrepid army investigator by the name of Agent Blue.
But the case isn’t the only thing Agent Blue’s derailing. He’s charming and handsome and a full-blooded elf—and he’s caught Steele’s eye.
While friendships fray, depression forces Daggers to battle his inner demons. But as the case grows ever darker and more disturbed, will Daggers be faced with demons of a different sort?

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