Gunning For Angels by C. Mack Lewis (ePUB)

Gunning For Angels by C. Mack Lewis (Fallen Angels #1)
English | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 564 KB

When a golden haired beauty is found brutally slain, the last thing that sixteen-year old Enid Iglowski expected was to become the prime suspect. Running away from her troubled home in Florida and newly arrived in Phoenix in search of her real father, a private detective named Jack Fox, Enid finds herself caught in a web of murder, violence and underage sex trafficking.
Jack Fox, not handsome enough for Hollywood but too damned handsome for his own good, lands a plum job when the mysterious, gorgeous and stratospherically wealthy Eve Hargrove shows up at his office and drops a stack of cash in his lap. All he has to do is drop her troubled sister’s case – a down on her luck stripper with legs from here to the next zip code. It would all be so easy – if he didn’t have an inconvenient hard-on for the truth – and Eve.
When a corpse is found in the desert, a cold case gets red hot for Detective Bud Orlean, who will sacrifice everything, including his marriage, to prove that Eve Hargrove is a sociopathic killer. When the bodies start piling up and Enid Iglowski is at the center of every mess, Bud finds himself forced to work with the one man he despises, Jack Fox, to get to the truth.

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