Guns and Dogs by T.A. Uner (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

Guns and Dogs by T.A. Uner (American Legends #1)
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.2 MB

Can a troubled teenager save the world from Armageddon?
18-year-old Johnny Veto is a struggling high school senior who has just broken up with his girlfriend. To make matters worse, his father has mysteriously disappeared and is presumed dead.
Just when he’s about to give up on life, an encounter with a former dog breeder named Argos Better and his two highly-trained Red Doberman Pinschers offers Johnny a chance to become part of a secret government agency called American Legends.
Meanwhile, a man named Grendis appears out of nowhere, and recruits two of Johnny’s gun-crazed classmates to become part of a global conspiracy that threatens Earth’s future.
Racing against the clock, Johnny, Argos, and the Dogs must overcome deadly adversaries, and piece together a puzzle that encompasses spacetime.

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