Habit: Create Powerful Habits by Tyler Belfort (ePUB)

Habit: Create Powerful Habits by Tyler Belfort
English | Personal Development & Self-Help | EPUB | 103 KB

You’re about to discover how to…
( Habits are a part of yourself. They are the things that make up how you act, your character, and the way that others are going to see you. Most of your habits have been around since you were young, given to you by the habits of your parents. This does not mean you cannot make changes to your habits. If you are suffering from some bad habits and want to get rid of them, or start to implement some good habits into your life, then you need to be ready to put in some hard work. This guidebook is going to take a look at some habits and help you to learn how to build great habits.
This book will starts out about the importance of building great habits. It spends some time talking about what habits are and why they are so important to have and some of the ways that your body is going to form habits. It also brings up the importance of how you are able to change your habits, but that you cannot expect this to happen overnight. and it will goes on to talk about why it is so difficult to change up habits. Why can’t people decide to start eating right and then get going in just a few days? This chapter will explore how the mind likes to keep things in order for efficiency and to free up your thoughts for other things, making it difficult to add in or take away habits.
If you Take this book seriously, it will change your life for ever.

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