How to be a Happy Human by Pam Spurr (ePUB)

How to be a Happy Human: 10 Essential Principles to Change Your Life by Pam Spurr
English | Non-Fiction, Self Help | ePUB | 2.2 MB

There is always more room for happiness – whether you’re already content with your life, or if you feel like there’s something missing – even if you simply think ‘there must be more to life than this’.
And in these stressful and sometimes gloomy times in which we live it’s sometimes hard to see the good things in life. Using 10 unique Happiness Principles, bestselling author, Dr Pam will take you on a must-read journey to discover how to increase your sense of well-being and contentment and build more joy into your life today.
Written in a matter-of-fact way and packed with dozens of easy-to-use strategies and solutions, Solutions Coach and behaviour expert Dr Pam will help you to increase confidence and self esteem, learn to look at stress in a different way, and much more, in 10 unique chapters.
As well as providing thoughtful insights she will teach you how to create Happy Habits and use her Happiness Principles – ways of living and looking at life that will make you happier in everything you do.
Whether you think you’re happy and looking for more in life, or you find that life is hard work and you’re seeking some inspiration towards making your life happier, this book is packed full of sound advice, real-life case studies and practical exercises, all set out within 10 easy-to-follow Principles.

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