How To Improve Your Memory: Study Less But Still Ace Your Classes by Johnny Briones (ePUB, MOBI)

How To Improve Your Memory: Study Less But Still Ace Your Classes by Johnny Briones
English | Non-Fiction; Self-Help, Mental Health | EPUB & MOBI | 1.5 Mb

Are you struggling in school? Wish it was easier? Look no further! They key to doing well in school, making it a piece of cake, and having more free time is learning how to improve your memory. Despite what people say, you can learn how to improve your memory to amazing extents. You don’t have to spend hours upon hours studying for school!
You are capable of learning 30 vocabulary words in 10 minutes. Or study for all of your tests in a couple of hours! I managed to study for only 2 hours for my college chemistry and got an A, while my friend spent 8+ hours studying and only got a C. Learning how to improve your memory will allow to get A’s with less studying.
In this book you will learn how to remember foreign languages, historical dates, vocabulary, and much more! Many students have learned from me how to improve their memory and have had amazing results such as receiving A’s and having time to do clubs, sports, volunteering, and pretty have time to do whatever they want.
Stop letting school be a pain in your side. Have success in school by learning all of my memory methods, techniques, and systems. It doesn’t matter if you are in middle, high school, or college because this book can help you breeze through your classes. What are you waiting for! Get this book to learn how to improve your memory so you can ace school!

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