Iron Inheritance by G.R. Fillinger (ePUB)

Iron Inheritance by G.R. Fillinger (The Blood Artifacts Book 1)
English | 2016 | Urban Fantasy | 1.3 MB

When eighteen-year-old Evelyn Brooks is attacked by a man who can control demons, she finds out she is a Nephilim with angelic essence, and her only remaining family is killed.
In the turmoil and grief that follow, Evelyn discovers a world where the celestial and terrestrial are linked by two secret, angelic societies. She is pulled into their struggle and discovers that her own talents have the capacity to save and destroy.
Will she be able to control her new powers to save her friends? The boy she begins to love? Or will her longing for revenge blind her to the betrayal following her since day one?
Fast-paced and gripping, G.R. Fillinger’s thought-provoking fantasy explores the weakness needed to wield true power in the midst of overwhelming strength.

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