Island of Glass by Nora Roberts (ePUB)

Island of Glass by Nora Roberts (The Guardians Trilogy #3)
English | 2016 | Paranormal Romance | 1.6 MB

A powerful goddess hunts for three jewels: fallen stars that will give her endless power. To save the world, six friends have joined forces to stop her. Now, on the wild and beautiful coast of County Clare, their battle reaches its dramatic climax.
Doyle Mac Cleirich – soldier and reluctant Immortal – vowed never to return home. But now the quest for the Stars of Fortune has, inexorably, brought him back to County Clare. Used to a solitary life, Doyle is beginning to accept his place among a group of six – bound by love, friendship and purpose.
As they search for the mysterious Star of Ice, it becomes clear that Doyle’s home and his family are uniquely bound up in its story. But how will it shape his future – and does that future involve the fiery and brilliant Riley Gwin?

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