Kiss Me Maybe by Heather Burch (ePUB)

Kiss Me Maybe by Heather Burch
English | Romance | EPUB | 127 Kb

She writes a beauty blog. He’s heir to a beauty empire. Love never looked so good.
Megan Cooper believes fate is about to strike—and zap her sleepy small-town life with a jolt of big-time romance. There’s just one thing: she hasn’t found him yet. No matter. The feisty redhead is on a mission to meet her match. When a charming, mysterious, handsome stranger named Alexander offers to help with her quest, she must decide if she believes in fate…or what lies in her heart.
Alexander Andrews, heir to a beauty empire, is all about business. Sure it’s his family’s company, but after all these years he can do a deal in his sleep. When his assistant sends him on Emerald Princess for some much-needed relaxation, he doesn’t think it’ll do him any good. But one look at Megan and he feels his legendary control slipping from his grasp. His heart is in her hands…but is he ready to risk it all?

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