Last Gasp by Robert F Barker (ePUB, MOBI)

Last Gasp by Robert F Barker
English | 2015 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.3 MB

DCI Jamie Carver still blames himself for what happened the last time he let a would-be victim act as ‘bait’ for a serial-killer. Now there’s a new one on the loose, this time targeting dominatrices such as fantastical ‘Dom’, Megan Crane. But however much he fears history repeating itself, Carver knows he cannot ignore the help she can lend the hunt for the infamous ‘Worshipper Killer.’ As Carver and his partner sift through Megan’s network of contacts, searching for their quarry, they find themselves being drawn into her dark world in ways they never imagined. When an attempt to trap a suspect goes disastrously wrong, Carver is side-lined from the investigation. Undeterred, and convinced that the answers to the riddle are closer than anyone realises, he finds evidence that turns the case on its head, and points to the key to the mystery lying somewhere in Carver’s past. But as he sets out to find it, Carver has no inkling of the danger facing himself, his colleagues and the girlfriend he loves. Nor can he know the agonising choice that awaits him as he fights to keep them safe.
Robert F Barker is a former police Chief Superintendent and senior detective. Last Gasp is the first in a series of gritty crime novels set in and around Northwest England.

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