Last Prophecy of Rome by Iain King (ePUB)

Last Prophecy of Rome by Iain King (Myles Munro #2)
English | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 596 KB

An ancient empire. A terrifying threat to the World’s Superpower. Only one man can stop it.
ROME: Maverick military historian Myles Munro is on holiday with girlfriend and journalist Helen Bridle. He’s convinced a bomb is about to be detonated at the American Embassy.
NEW YORK: A delivery van hurtling through Wall Street, blows up, showering the sky with a chilling message: America is about to be brought down like the Roman Empire.
Juma, an African warlord, set free by the Arab Spring, plans to make it happen.
When a US Senator is taken hostage, a chilling chain of events begins, and Myles finds himself caught in a race against time to stop Juma. But, he’s not prepared for the shocking truth that the woman he once loved, Juma’s wife, Placidia, has now become a terrorist.

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