Led Astray: The Best of Kelley Armstrong by Kelley Armstrong (ePUB, AZW3)

Led Astray: The Best of Kelley Armstrong by Kelley Armstrong
English | Urban Fantasy, Short Stories | EPUB & AZW3 | 1 Mb

Two brand new tales anchor this wide-ranging collection from one of urban fantasy’s most successful authors. Here is the first time that best-selling fantasy, YA, and crime author Kelley Armstrong has had her stories collected from Otherworld and beyond. With her signature twists and turns, Armstrong gives a fresh spin on city-dwelling vampires, werewolves, and zombies, while also traveling further afield, to a post-apocalyptic fortress, a superstitious village, a supernatural brothel, and even to feudal Japan.
With tales that range from humorous to heart-stopping, these are the stories that showcase Kelley Armstrong at her versatile best.

Stories include:
Rakshashi (standalone)
Kat (Darkest Powers universe, non-series narrator)
A Haunted House of Her Own (standalone)
Learning Curve (Otherworld universe, Zoe)
The Screams of Dragons (Cainsville universe, non-series narrator)
The Kitsune’s Nine Tales (Age of Legends universe, non-series narrator)
Last Stand (standalone)
Bamboozled (Otherworld universe, non-series narrator)
Branded (Otherworld universe, non-series narrator)
The List (Otherworld universe, Zoe)
Young Bloods (Otherworld universe, non-series narrator)
The Door (standalone, original to this collection)
Dead Flowers by a Roadside (standalone)
Suffer the Children (standalone)
The Collector (standalone)
Gabriel’s Gargoyles (Cainsville universe, Gabriel)
Harbinger (standalone)
V Plates (Otherworld universe, Nick)
Life Sentence (Otherworld universe, non-series narrator)
Plan B (standalone)
The Hunt (Cainsville universe, non-series narrator)
Dead to Me (standalone)
Devil May Care (Cainsville universe, Patrick, original to this collection)

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