Let Me Be Weak: What People in Pain Wish They Could Tell You by Brittany Barbera (ePUB)

Let Me Be Weak: What People in Pain Wish They Could Tell You by Brittany Barbera
English | Non-Fiction, Psychology | EPUB | 268 KB

What do we do when we are shattered by an unexpected loss and feel like no one understands what we are going through?
How do we comfort those we love when their hearts are breaking if we don’t know how to help?
How can we mourn with the bereaved, when we are so frightened by their pain that we want to run in the opposite direction?
In this honest and insightful book, Brittany Barbera teaches us what to do when we are confronted with painful situations that simultaneously demand a response and evoke internal resistance.
In a world where we are praised for being self-sufficient, we feel isolated and embarrassed when we find ourselves struggling. Uncertain and unsettled by the surge of emotions we work so hard to hide, we resist the work of healing because it is a messy and uncomfortable process. Additionally, our lack of empathy makes it difficult for people to be share their experiences with us, for fear of being judged or misunderstood. As a result, our relationships lack depth and we feel disconnected, especially during seasons of grief—and too often, our ‘help’ is poorly received among those that need it most.

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