Long Division by Taylor Leigh (ePUB, MOBI)

Long Division by Taylor Leigh
English | 329 pages | MM Romance | ePUB, MOBI | 0.75 MB

Mark Hurt has given up on just about everything.
Plagued by depression and guilt, he no longer notices the dramatic changes happening in the world around him.
Even the new “Miracle Technology” from InVizion offers him no escape from the bleakness of his days.
Until he answers a wrong number call that changes all he knows.
Mathematician James Nightgood is everything Mark is not: Obsessive, brilliant and oddly naïve, he sees things around him differently, and in a way Mark desperately needs.
It is through his late night texts that James rapidly draws Mark into his strange world and grants him a chance for life and friendship that Mark has given up on all together.
Yet good always has a price; and as his feelings for James continue to grow, so does his wariness. For with the mathematical theories also come conspiracies; because the rapid changes Mark so stubbornly ignored, James has not. And some miracles are not what they seem.
While all Mark wants is to figure out his tangled emotions—clinging to James Nightgood for stability—he finds himself embroiled in something far greater and darker then he could ever have imagined. Something that will devour their lives and push them to a place they cannot return from.
For technology is one the rise, and the world is on the brink of a new and terrifying dawn.

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