Magdalena’s Ghost by Peppi Hilton (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

Magdalena’s Ghost: The Haunting of the House in Gallows Lane by Peppi Hilton
English | 2016 | Horror | 1.2 MB

Lies, Treachery and Deceit and something much, much darker… A fictional ghost story of the haunting of the house in Gallows Lane
A supernatural mystery set in the north of England dating back to the 1950’s and to the present.
PRESENT: Whilst travelling in their camper van, a young couple come across a big, old, empty house hidden behind an overgrown and chaotic garden, unaware that it is haunted by one of its previous occupants.
BEFORE: Magdalena is a beautiful, cultured, and sophisticated woman who is an accomplished musician and a renowned sculptress living a privileged lifestyle with her debonair husband, ten-year-old daughter and six-year-old son, in Juniper House in Gallows Lane. When her husband and son disappear without trace in the 1950’s it has a devastating effect on her from which she never recovers. Finally abandoned by her daughter and living a reclusive life alone in the house, she waits in vain for her son to come home. In her old age, her estranged daughter returns to have her sectioned and to claim her inheritance. Magdalena spends the remaining years of her life as an old woman in an asylum. But when she dies she returns to haunt the daughter, eventually driving her insane until she suffers the same fate.
PRESENT: When the young couple buy the house and begin to renovate it, unknown forces start to drive a wedge between them and soon they begin to drift apart. Sinister things start to happen and they unearth a secret which has remained a mystery for decades.

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