Murders in the Blitz by Julia Underwood (ePUB)

Murders in the Blitz by Julia Underwood (An Eve Duncan Mystery Books #1-3)
English | Mystery | EPUB | 324 kB

England, World War Two.
Eve Duncan, an unwitting private investigator, has been drawn into helping the police solve murder cases on the home-front.
This omnibus includes the first three titles in Julia Underwood’s best-selling historical mystery series.

London, 1940. A city is at war, and under siege.
When Eve Duncan stumbles upon the body of a dead girl, she is shocked – but no one else seems very concerned.
With the imminent threat of invasion by the Germans, and bombing by the Luftwaffe, no one has the time to concern themselves with the death of a Polish girl.
Who is the mysterious girl? Why was she killed?
Eve is determined to find out what happened.

London, 1941.
The local milkman is missing, and Eve has been enlisted by the understaffed police to help solve the mystery.
When his body turns up at a bomb site, it becomes clear that his death was not an accidental casualty of war but a brutal murder.
With war raging across the continent who would want to commit A Murder Close to Home…?
As the death toll mounts, and with the community in uproar, will Eve be able to solve the case before it is too late?

London, 1941.
Eve has had enough of bombed-out London.
She decides to visit Little Barrington in the countryside to stay with her sister, Grace.
But what had promised to be a relaxing break away soon takes a dramatic turn.
Some of the evacuated children Grace is looking after stumble upon the remains of a body in a field.
But no one in the village has been reported missing…
Eve must battle to discover the identity of the mysterious body and stop the murderer before more people get hurt.

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