No Accident by Dan Webb (ePUB)

No Accident by Dan Webb
English | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 438 KB

What if your boss secretly took out insurance on your life—then tried to kill you?
A fiery crash consumes three cars and the lives of those inside. The police blame reckless driving, but insurance investigator Alex Fogarty suspects a celebrated CEO staged the accident and murdered his own employees for insurance money.
Unfortunately, Alex’s boss cares more about a quick legal settlement than following the facts, and Alex can’t afford to lose his job—not while he’s underwater on five houses he bought before the real estate crash. But unless Alex can prove the crash was no accident, the young family of one of the drivers who died in the crash will face financial ruin.
Against his better judgment, Alex plots a way to challenge the CEO, but he knows he can’t do it alone. Especially when the body count starts rising.
With help from the CEO’s jilted wife and her star-crossed divorce lawyer, Alex pursues the case from L.A.’s seamy underside to the mansions of Bel Air. If he can keep ahead of the CEO’s chilling enforcer, Alex may just discover the dark truth.

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