One Million A.D. by Gardner Dozois (ePUB, AZW3)

One Million A.D. by Gardner Dozois (Editor)
English | Science Fiction Anthology | EPUB, AZW3 | 1.3 Mb

One million years from now. It’s a span of time so huge that it’s hard for the mind to grasp. Even within science fiction, to conjure up a convincing portrait of what humanity might be like in such a remote future calls for writers with rare breadth of vision. Fortunately, Dozois and Dann have found them.
The book includes 6 novellas, all commissioned for this book and published here for the first time. The stories all take place in the year One Million A.D. The book also begins with a three-page introduction by Dozois entitled "Exploring the Far Future".
The setting of Alastair Reynolds story was later used as the setting for the novel House of Suns.

Introduction: Exploring the Far Future (One Million A.D.) • essay by Gardner Dozois
Good Mountain • novella by Robert Reed
A Piece of the Great World • novella by Robert Silverberg
Mirror Image • novella by Nancy Kress
Thousandth Night • novella by Alastair Reynolds
Missile Gap • novella by Charles Stross
Riding the Crocodile • novella by Greg Egan

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