Orders of Magnitude by Glenn Michaels (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

Orders of Magnitude by Glenn Michaels (The Genie and the Engineer #2)
English | Science Fiction, Fantasy | EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 | 2.1 Mb

Newlyweds Paul and Capie Armstead are also the world’s newest wizards in over 400 years.
Sadly, the other wizards of the world, who control all of Earth’s governments, are trying to get rid of both bride and groom. Which is how Paul finds himself desperately learning how to combine technology with their newly acquired powers. He has no other choice, if he wants to save himself and his wife—and as long as he’s at it, the rest of humanity as well! Paul has definite plans of how to deal with these power mongering wizards. Unfortunately, those evil lowlifes have no intentions of leaving the young couple alone long enough to complete any research. Between avoiding monsters known as Oni, bad wizards and doing near-impossible experiments of blending magic and science, Paul and Capie have all the makings of a bad day. But there’s one thing that they have learned: when a wizard takes on a responsibility, he does what needs doing.
And the people in their way had better move.

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