Robert Spire Action Thrillers Trilogy by Si Rosser (ePUB)

Robert Spire Action Thrillers Trilogy by Si Rosser
English | Mystery & Thriller | EPUB, MOBI | 3.1 Mb

Simon Rosser LIb, was born in Cardiff, South Wales, UK, in 1968. He is a personal injury lawyer and author of Action-Adventure-thriller novels with an Ecological/Apocalyptic theme.
Favorite authors – Ed McBain, James Patterson, Lee Child, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston, Patrick Lee, Clive Cussler.
Robert Spire Action-Adventure-Thriller Trilogy; TIPPING POINT, IMPACT POINT and MELT ZONE

BOOK 1 – TIPPING POINT: When eminent climatologist Dr Dale Stanton – in the process of studying the Atlantic Ocean’s Thermohaline Circulation – is found dead in his London apartment, environmental lawyer Robert Spire is given the task to administer a large legacy left to global warming organisations. The job should have been straightforward, until a second climatologist, Dr Jack Bannister drops dead on the other side of the Atlantic.
Spire’s client – suspicious of her son’s death – asks him to travel to San Francisco to investigate Dr Jack Bannister’s death. Whilst there, he meets French Climatologist Professor Francois Trimaud who is working on a geoengineering project to seed the Arctic Ocean to slow the Arctic’s melting ice. Spire soon discovers that someone has other plans for the region and wants the climatologists dead at all costs.
As evidence of increased glacial melt in Greenland and reduction in the Arctic ice mounts, Spire joins Trimaud on the research vessel, Mercure Blanc on a joint US/French expedition to the Arctic. He soon discovers a plan that puts all lives on board in peril and threatens to push the Arctic to its tipping point and the Earth to disaster…

BOOK 2 – IMPACT POINT: Just after 7 AM on June 30th 1908 a massive air blast occurred over Tunguska in Siberia – the Tunguska event – caused by a meteorite or comet fragment. The blast released the same amount of energy as 185 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. The object is thought to have been around 120 feet in diameter. It will happen again, it’s just a question of where and when…
Robert Spire, environmental lawyer, newly recruited to the UK’s GLENCOM – Global Environmental Command – Unit is propelled into a roller coaster adventure which might just happen to be his and the world’s last…
When the World’s largest ever creature – a blue whale – dies in front of Robert Spire on his local Welsh beach, the UK’s Department of the Environment and local population are ill prepared. When a second whale washes up dead on Myrtle Beach on the opposite side of the Atlantic, the scientific community starts asking questions.
Spire flies over to South Carolina to investigate. Whilst there, he teams up with marine biologist Dr Sally Rivea, also assigned to the case. Meanwhile, ex-marine Travis Dexter is on the run in Nevada after he discovers the body of his employer – philanthropist Julian Smithies – murdered in his home. The only object missing; a recently discovered, rare and valuable meteorite.
On the island of Exuma In the Bahamas, four sport divers make a startling discovery at the bottom of Mystery Cave blue hole. Sixty miles offshore in the Caribbean Sea, drilling on the Proteus oil rig turns to disaster as the drill penetrates something hard on the ocean floor…

BOOK 3 – MELT ZONE: RAPID ANTARCTIC ICE MELT… A HUNT ACROSS EUROPE… A DECADES-OLD NAZI MYTH…In 1938, the German New Swabia Expedition left Hamburg for Antarctica aboard the MS Schwabenland. The secret expedition arrived at the Princess Mart.

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