Saints of Wura Omnibus by J.T. Williams (ePUB, MOBI)

Saints of Wura Omnibus by J.T. Williams (#1-3)
English | 2016 | Sci-fi & Fantasy | 2.2 MB

Epic fantasy meets dark sword and sorcery spanning a hidden refuge for all magical beings to the battlefields of the south and the stake of the world. Follow the journey of an assassin of the shadow world as he unlocks his true destiny.

#1 – Winemaker of the North
Sviska is an assassin that has begun to doubt his masters’ true intentions. He was sent to kill a child but cannot understand why. In an abrupt move, he is given a new assignment: an elaborate ruse as a winemaker in a city he has never heard of. A hidden city in the far north. Everything he believes will soon change.
Genocide against all of magic left the world fractured. The Order of men hunted the last of elves, dwarves, and magic beings putting them all to the sword. Or so they thought. Sviska enters the city and learns why he was sent. Magic still exists here and his true task will soon be revealed.
Brethor, a confident and mysterious lord and caretaker of the city, reveals to Sviska that his masters are not whom he thinks. War is coming and bloodshed will cover the land unless Sviska will betray his masters embarking on an ordained quest to save those of magic.
But betrayal will mean his death and his masters are watching.

#2 – Arcane Awakening
He has renounced The Order and stands with those of magic.Sviska seeks to protect that which he once called evil. Fleeing the destruction of the last refuge of magic in the land, he sails across the Glacial Seas with his new companions. Their path is unclear. The Galhedriss Arcana, the sacred book of magic, is safe from the grasp of The Order but for how long is unknown.
In a world long against magic, they meet a mysterious half-elf that knows of their secrets and offers help against those that hunt them. But an old evil is awakening. The Order of men has gained a new ally, a mysterious entity of fog and shadows that wields arcane powers not seen since the time of the gods. To complete their tasks, the Saints will travel to the ruined cities of the elves and dwarves in search of a mystical artifact called the Dwarven Hand but they will not do so unnoticed.
Sviska works to fight against the Order and this new evil before any hope of magic returning is forever lost. But he has not escaped from his shadowy past and his betrayal to his masters will have a steep price.

#3 – Reckoning in the Void
The world falls towards darkness. Magic is awakening in the north and the Grand Protectorate retreats after its bloody defeat at Srun. Sviska stands with the Island Nation against the evils of The Order and the Itsu Priest as the allies of magic make plans for their push against the capital city of their enemy. But all is not as it seems.
The Itsu Priest is tightening his grip on the legions of the north changing them from men to unholy beasts. The Saints of Wura must move quickly to save Garoa’s daughter from his evil clutches but some fear she could already be dead. Furthermore, hundreds have been kidnapped as sacrifices for a dark ritual and the time for the incantation draws near.
Sviska is moving closer to unlocking the powers of his Dwemhar ancestry but as the blood curse ensnares his mind, he can only pray he is powerful enough to resist the will of The Order.
He made a stand against a dark evil in the icy mountains of Elinathrond but now his life, and that of those he has grown to call friends, may be forfeit.

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