Sea Station Umbra by John Paul Cater (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

Sea Station Umbra by John Paul Cater
English | 2016 | Thriller & Suspense | 1.3 MB

Somewhere far off the California coast in the Pacific Ocean a thousand meters down lies a Top Secret U.S. Government manned research outpost, code named Sea Station Umbra. Rumored to be a Fukushima radiation encroachment monitoring station, its real purpose remains a mystery.
A hundred people on Earth know of its existence, but only thirty seven know what it is and why it’s there. As things in the station begin to go horribly awry, a black ops mission, Operation Deep Force, is dispatched to investigate and intervene, but encounters a situation far beyond their wildest imaginations.
A deep-sea thriller-mystery filled with suspense, chills and heart-stopping action, it transports you into a modern mash-up of 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Abyss and Sphere and leaves you cold, deep and gasping for more.

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