Self-Improvement 2016 by Dan Amerson (ePUB)

Self-Improvement 2016 by Dan Amerson
English | Self-Help | ePUB | 266 KB

A New Year Can Mean a New "You"
Can you honestly say that you’re satisfied with how the year 2015 has turned out? Do you have goals or dreams, but don’t seem to know how to even start taking action towards them? Are you waiting for the ‘right time’ to start living a life that you actually enjoy?
The year 2016 will be different from any other it’s just a number. The people will be about the same, your job will be about the same, politics will be about the same, and the economy will be about the same.
The only thing that will change this year is YOU. It is, in fact, the only thing that you can change.
This year, learn the mental tools and tricks that will help you change the way that you approach self-improvement from mindless self-flattery to results-based principles.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…
Shake yourself out of your old ways of thinking to allow for new ideas
Why positive thinking can make your life suck even harder
Find a life’s purpose that you actually enjoy and can achieve
Set goals that you can more easily achieve
Protect yourself from charlatans and other delusions, saving you time and money
Harness your emotions, allowing you to direct them towards your success
Improve your relationships

Much, much more!

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